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Biography of Corrado Malanga

Corrado Malanga was born in La Spezia in 1951. He has worked as a researcher at the chair of Organic Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry, part of the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences of the University of Pisa since 1983. He is also the author of various articles published in international scientific journals.



This article describes the final procedure that allows those who practice it, to acquire the potential ability to become completely aware of oneself. In this test, or experimental procedure, are conveying all the theoretical data and conclusions of our research in the field of human perception, applied to the study of phenomena external to the planet Earth. The previous procedure, from which this is inspired, aimed to stop the phenomenon of alien adduction. In fact we had identified a procedure named Dynamic Triad Color Test (DTCT), which gave good results.


ENNEAGRAM: NLP investigated

The Enneagram is a symbol of the evolution of the human conscience, an instrument that contributes to achieving awareness of oneself and of others and the development of knowledge. It is depicted as a circle containing an equilateral triangle that intersects a six-sided shape. The points that touch the circle are numbered from one to nine in a clockwise direction and are connected by lines and arrows.



At the end of our research, that starts from the observation of the alien behavior towards human race and ends with trying to obtain a methodology that enables man himself to acquire self- awareness, we have crossed several milestones and achieved different aims. At the beginning of the research, we thought that the alien was “the other”, the enemy, the one that comes from outside, “the different”. Afterwards we moved on to a stage where the alien appeared to be neither good nor bad but simply cared about himself in a dual world, where the idea of duality still existed but it varied form the point of view, that is for us, the alien was bad but, for the alien, we were the bad guys.

Evideon 2


In some of my previous work, we have seen how the entire Universe can be described as a system of perpendicular Cartesian axes, which represent: space, time and potential energy, characterised by rules of symmetry based on fundamental and complementary colours. From this description we can describe the Universe as a single object, known as Evideon, which is highly symmetrical and descriptor of nothing and everything (Primordial Consciousness). Through geometric operators such as translation, rotation and changes in dimension, this creates all the objects of the virtual Universe (of the changeable Universe).



This work creates a strong link between the abduction experiences, their reality, and the Myth world. We re-interpreted the Jewish Qabbalah using the information coming from the abduction phenomenon. This is a modern interpretation for the Qabbalah, and it drops the veils still present after considering Luouria’s studies. We strongly suggest you to read, before this work, “Alieni o demoni” (Aliens or Demons, still not available in English, T.N.) and also to read the articles: “La fisica delle Abduction” (available in English: “The Physics of Abduction”,) “Il tempo e la sua percezione”, “Mental Simulations”(still not available in English) in order to make sure you can have a better understanding of the concepts presented in this work.

genesi 2

Genesis II: Gods of the Indus Valley

In the previous ‘Genesis’ article, we discussed how the pantheon of aliens, the bestiary described during hundreds of regressive hypnosis sessions carried out with our abductees, was almost indistinguishable from the descriptions of the Gods from both the Hebrew and Egyptian pantheons. The universe our abductees described was best represented by the Jewish Kabbalah and we noticed that this pantheon originated from a pre-Israelite culture, therefore Egyptian and Babylonian. Before continuing this excursus back in time, there are some issues we must readdress.


Auto Evaluation Test (AET) version 4.01

1) Have you ever had a nosebleed from only one nostril? (Which one?)
2) Have you ever had hearing problems with only one ear in the form of strange sounds? (Which one?)
3) Do you have any scars whose cause you cannot remember?
4) Have you ever suffered from depression
5) Have you ever dreamt about a person identical to yourself (a copy of yourself)?

the matrix

The matrix point of light

Many years ago, when we used the regressive hypnosis techniques, in one of these hypnotic sessions, an abducted lady expressed herself with the voice of her soul as follows.Then we asked her :” Who are you?”, and her soul part soul replied: “I am a matrix of points of light”. At that time, we did not well understand this expression as we did not know what she meant.The soul part of the abductee expressed in an unusual way for us, that is odd, incomprehensible. What did she meant to say when she was speaking about the matrix of points of light? Her soul part continued: “I am a light in the light but you can not see it”



We talked about the CCT (Consciousness Color test) in the previous articles. We also talked about how to use this simple mental simulation in order to have a map that describes not only the mental health, but also the Soul’s and the Spirit’s health for the person we are examining. We had described some guidelines on how to use Pulver mental spaces in order to have unconscious but spontaneous answers from the tested person, showing his relations with his own components (Soul, Mind and Spirit) within his own Physical Body/Container (body).