Corrado Malanga - Biography
 Corrado Malanga was born in La Spezia in 1951. He has worked as a researcher at the chair of Organic Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry, part of the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences of the University of Pisa since 1983. He is also the author of various articles published in international scientific journals. Parallel to this work, he developed an interest in UFO theories and collaborated with the National Ufology Centre (CUN), until he became the head of a technical-scientific committee within this organisation. A series of disagreements, in particular regarding evaluation of the phenomenon of alien abduction (although this was not the sole cause) led Malanga to leave the CUN in 2000. Subsequently, Malanga’s theories influenced the Tuscan Stargate Group and other Stargate Groups based in other regions of Italy – Friuli, Lombardy and Lazio in particular –, which in 2008 joined to form the C.S.I – Italian Stargate Organisation. Malanga has not been a formal part of the Stargate Groups and the C.S.I. since 1st December 2009, although pieces written by him prior to that date are still hosted on their websites as are those by other researchers; it is no longer correct to say that these groups and movements ‘represent’ Malanga. The high attendance at Malanga’s conferences bears witness to the existence of a real movement, which would appear to be growing, which lives through numerous websites, blogs and forums in many languages, all of which share the discoveries of Corrado Malanga.